Invoice Processing

Out of the 500 billion invoices issued globally in 2015, only 42 billion were paperless. Despite modern technologies advances, nearly 80% of supplier invoice activity is still paper-based. Manual paper-based processing adds unwanted costs, staggering inefficiencies, and seriously erodes profit margins.


Invoice automation is the key to creating better results with total precision. Beyond freedom from tedious, repetitive tasks, it also allows staff to spend 30% less time handling supplier inquiries. Increasing the number of touchless transactions allows the AP team to focus on discrepancies, exceptions, and other strategic priorities.


We automate the invoice processing effort by significantly reducing the time, cost, risk and complexity of capturing, routing and approving invoices, wherever they originate.

From purchase to pay, to order to cash and record to report—we’ve got financial process automation covered.


Oryx Technologies as a Lexmark/Kofax partner offers a broad range of functionality and solutions, coupled with a deep understanding of financial process best practices, to open the possibilities of what efficient, mature and fully automated processes will bring to your business.

The best way to achieve automation across your financial processes is to work with one provider that can help you capture, manage and access financial data through every step of the information lifecycle.


We offers a range of technologies for data capture from paper and digital formats, workflow to manage daily financial process activities, and even process mining to improve productivity.

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