case study

a success story

“IT governance”


the challenge

client IT services are responsible for the development of strategies, policies and standards covering the future
development and usage of IT 


client IT services was cognizant of the importance of compliance due to regulatory governance measures, and wanted to ensure it was scalable to meet the demands of the business at any time 


some of the challenges IT faced included lack of transparency in reporting, lack of alignment with strategic
objectives and lack of funding due to the business not understanding how technology could contribute to the big picture

the drivers for choosing ITIL as a framework were to introduce a customer focused service culture and to increase staff awareness of service management, to deliver cost effective services aligned with business requirements, to focus on customer service to manage major incidents, to use an existing recognized quality framework (not re-inventing the wheel), to implement
change control/change management and improve reporting capabilities to senior management

the client is a leading provider of non-banking financial services with a proven history of successful investments through consistent application of the core values of quality, accountability and transparency


the client has more than AED 5bn in assets under management

the client have distinguished themselves by offering innovative investment products and services to both regional and international clients through investment management, venture and development capital investment opportunities, as well as their regional brokerage operations 


the solution

oryx consulting was the clear choice to drive the implementation of the ITIL framework within the organization

with a structured methodology of analysis for understanding the business and elicitation of key stakeholders, oryx was able to develop key requirements and formulate a clear road map for ITIL adoption within the organization

through a thorough communication and implementation plan the IT organization has adopted ITIL as a framework, has identified and implemented the ITIL processes needed for corporate success such as demand management, service catalogue management, financial management, capacity management, availability management, information security management and supplier management 


to support the operations of the business, access management, incident/request management, problem management, change management, were defined and implemented across the business systems

the results

oryx consulting was instrumental in gaining executive buy-in and creating and open communication line ensuring alignment with the corporate strategy


following oryx's recommended business case methodology, client was able to show quantifiable return of investment for their IT related initiatives with the business more
willing to support technology investments

client IT has become fully compliant when audited with all the regulatory documents in place 


this also supports the business when engaging with IT - as each person in IT speaks the same language and is standardized across the organization 


established KPI’s have shown a remarkable improvement in just a few months including customer satisfaction has improved from 62% to 80%, project delivery through change management has improved 63% by being mostly under budget and delivered on time with the right governance in place, internal IT job satisfaction from 2.6 to 3.2 on the net promoter score (reversing a downward trend) and with a clear service catalogue in place, business critical service up-time has improved from 92% to 99.5%


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