case study

a success story

“managing assets and inventory”

School of Research Science

the challenge

as an educational institution, SRS has to manage in excess of 50,000 mobile assets from computers, classroom furniture to light bulbs in addition to fixed assets from fire protection to HVAC installations


with especially electronic components like tablets and classroom furniture undergoing a significant wear and tear the school was constantly facing the challenge to find and replace items in quality, product line and quantity


with many of the core facility management services being outsourced, the school also needed to implement a modern "always on" asset maintenance tracking solution to verify repairs and replacements as invoiced by sub contractors

the solution

SRS chose oryx technology and oryx outsourcing  to implement its cloud based asset and inventory management solution


SRS and oryx defined the asset types and classes, tagged and bar-coded all items, created an online catalogue of assets (including images of the items) and finally registered the same on the system

as a special requirement, parent child relationships were created, allowing SRS to allocate e.g. a dedicated chair or student desk belonging to a specific classroom and to pull specialized reports from the system

in a second phase, oryx will integrate the asset and inventory management solution in to SRS's new ERP solution which is currently being implemented

SRS will then also be able to track and manage the assets life cycle and replacement cost as well as supplier availability




the School of Research Science was founded in 1998 to provide a high quality education to the children of local Emirati families


since that time, the school has seen a dramatic expansion linked directly to its growth in popularity, also amongst non-Emirati families whose children now comprise approximately one-third of the school’s intake


a powerful vision coupled with strong ambition and clear sense of direction has enabled the school to grow and become a very successful all-through, 3 to 18 school with a student roll of approximately 3,250


building on this success, the founder of the school has invested in a new purpose built school in Al-Warqa with state-of-the-art specialist facilities and a twenty-first century learning environment


by employing high quality teachers and school leaders and giving them the tools and opportunities they need to grow professionally, SRS aspire to provide a world class standard of education for all students

the results

SRS is today able to track any of its inventory at any point of time throughout the school premises

utilizing the new asset management system, SRS has been able to significantly lower its cost of procuring consumable inventory and stock items as they can now be procured in bulk


SRS is today able to manage the life-cycle of the assets utilized and has achieved substantial cost savings in regards to managing its facilities more cost-sensitive and effective



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