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a success story

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Al Ali Property Investment

the challenge

In the middle of 2018 and with api embarking on an initiative to re-brand it's corporate appearance, it became clear to api senior management that the legacy corporate web site was outdated and did not incorporate the latest technologies that classify a modern business web site in today's world

with today's users more and more interacting through mobile devices, the legacy web site did not support responsive design and was hard to navigate


for api's internal site administrators keeping property listings up to date was a tedious exercise 


API entered the UAE market during a frivolous period, ready for any challenges and withstood against giants in the competition

API are driven by their vision to go beyond the tenant and investors’ expectations

API provide quality homes and best-in-class services to meet the aspirations of new urban communities in their desire for a better lifestyle and quality of life

API have created and delivered a substantial portfolio of developments and residential communities across the UAE

API pride themselves on exceeding customer expectations by delivering the right product mix in premium locations

API's world-class projects and the long-standing experience of their team makes API one of the most trusted companies in the country’s real estate industry today

the solution

api chose oryx to develop a new, function rich corporate web site, incorporating api's new branding guidelines, color codes and logos 

supported by api's marketing department, all properties were digitized as well as updated in regards to their locations, specifications and amenities 

a strong focus was made on delivering a highly interactive web site giving potential tenants a personalized search and retrieval experience around rich content and content classification

with api offering in excess of 2,000 residential and commercial units across Abu Dhabi and mainly Dubai, api is easily able to cater for any potential tenants personal or business requirement - the new web site will make it easy for interested users to quickly find adequate living or office space, as well as being able to follow progress and news on api's upcoming new developments 


the results

today api greets its interested visitor with a modern, reactive and personalized user experience

navigation and delivery of content are seamless, content refresh and updates are provided on the click of the button

the site has seen an increase in traffic in excess of 300% compared to the legacy corporate web site that was in place



address: API Trio Tower, Al Barsha 1, Office 2401, Sheikh Zayed Road
phone: 04 430 2686

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